Landscaping Services Bloomington, MN

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Landscaping Services in the South Metro Area

Maintaining your Landscape is Big when it comes to curb appeal. Simplify this process by having Bloomington Mow and Snow Maintain your Landscape.

Alongside standard maintenance activities like weed pulling and bush trimming, our offerings also include mulch installation; ensuring your flower beds stay visually appealing throughout every season.

Weed Pulling

Have pesky weeds you need gone? We offer one-time cleanups, as well as recurring service to ensure your beds stay weed free.

Bush Trimming

Maintain a tidy appearance for your shrubs, hedges, and trees. Trim foliage to keep it clear of your house and siding.

Mulch Installation

Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your landscape with professional mulch installation. Ensure that mulch is neatly placed, providing an attractive and polished look to your outdoor spaces.

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