Snow Terms:

 Completion timing:

The Business acknowledges that due to the unpredictable nature of snowfall and varying weather conditions, we cannot guarantee specific completion times for snow removal. However, the Business will make every reasonable effort to promptly clear snow from the Client’s property following or during each snowfall, depending on the circumstances of each snow event. 

Please note: The average time-frame for completing our snow removal route is 6-10 hours AFTER the snow stops, taking into account varying snowfall levels. We may choose to conduct multiple visits during heavy snow events that are predicted to be pro-longed. Light snowfalls (2 inches or below) often wait to dispatch until daytime hours, so this may shift our completion timing past the time-frame mentioned above.

We do our best to make sure your driveway stays as clear as possible during prolonged snow events. With that being said, If you do not have the ability to unblock your own driveway in situations where we have not yet arrived, and the snow is deep enough to prevent driving in/out,  you will need to have the option of staying home or parking your vehicle elsewhere unless you are someone you know can unblock you. In the case of an emergency, call 911.


Communication during Urgent Times:

During urgent weather conditions or snowstorms, the Business will communicate with the Client as needed, typically via email to discuss the snow removal schedule and any potential adjustments to the service.


Blizzard Clause:

In the event of a white-out caused by a blizzard, the Business reserves the right to pause operation until it is deemed safe enough to carry out plowing duties. 


Responsible Snow Removal:

The Business will utilize safe snow removal techniques, taking care not to cause damage to the property. However, the Client acknowledges that certain elements, such as grass, sprinkler systems, plants, landscape lighting or decorations, may be vulnerable during snow removal since we do use a snow plow and cannot see whats under the snow. We do implement snow stakes, but they are mere guides rather than absolute borders. Therefore, the Business shall not be held responsible for any damage to lawns, sprinkler systems, plants, decorations, landscape lighting or any other item located on the property. The business is also not responsible for any damage caused to the driveway, curbs, or any other paved surface located on your property.



The Business shall carry adequate liability insurance to cover any potential damages or accidents arising from the snow removal services. The Client agrees not to hold the Business liable for any damage or injuries caused by natural occurrences, such as snow and ice accumulation, before or after the completion of snow removal services.



The Client agrees to pay the agreed-upon amount for snow removal services as per the pricing specified in the estimate provided by the Business. Failure to pay your snow removal bill within 7 days of being due will result in a pausing of service. There are no refunds for any monthly bill already processed.


Pre-plowing the street:

If we arrive before the city, we will pre-plow the street leading up to your driveway to help prevent a large buildup of snow at the end of your driveway caused by the city plow. While this reduces the amount of snow left by the city plow, you might still get a small amount. We typically won’t make a special trip to clear this minor snow unless it’s blocking access to your driveway.



Either party may terminate this Agreement with a written notice to the other party. The Client acknowledges that any termination shall not affect the obligation to pay for the snow removal services already provided. There are no refunds once a service has been provided, and no refunds for any monthly bill already processed, if applicable.



 *Subject to change at any time.


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